Rebecca Hearne, John Griffiths, Ric Booth

Rebecca Hearne

Nether Edge Folk Club
Wednesday 14th June 2023, 8:00pm

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Tickets for Regulars £6 at the club or by email (see below)

Rebecca Hearne is a folk singer and performer from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, and comes from a long line of Celtic and English musical performers. Inspired by traditional folk music from the British Isles and beyond, Rebecca blends straightforward acapella vocal performance with contemporary pop music and electronica, academic research, and principles of mythology, folklore, and magic to create a truly enchanting sensory experience.

Rebecca has created music for the BBC, performed for AHRC-funded audio and visual media projects, made soundtracks for British installation artist Anthony Bennett, and performed on the main stage at Cambridge Folk Festival as part of Nancy Kerr and James Fagan’s …And Friends in 2018.

Rebecca is appearing as part of a new local trio with Ric Booth (from the The 20ft Squid Blues Band) and John Griffiths.


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